The white Lily flower at the center of St. Joseph School seal symbolizes the virtue of purity exemplified by St. Joseph for which God choose him to be the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus our Lord.

            It is noted that the year of the 90s marked the evolution of our cultural values that virtues nowadays especially purity, which is considered taboo. It is for this reason that St. Joseph School in its desire to live up to its mission, continuously instills in the minds and hearts of the young, moral and spiritual virtues integrated in all subjects areas of the students Christian and human development. Our Blessed Mother was also chosen to be the worthy mother of the Son of God; shes pure and sinless.

            The Latin word "ITE AD JOSEPH" stands for "Go to Joseph" which means we should Go to him for he is our Guardian and protector as he was to Jesus and Mary.

            The colors in the seal are green and white. The white color is for purity and the evergreen color which surrounds the seal symbolizes educational nurturance which the school provides in helping the students grow and develop as they go through their formal education.